Upon realizing the great potential and gap in Turkic Republics, Middle East and Turkish markets of High Quality Thermal Cold Store Doors, ORTEK was established in the end of August 2009 under the title “Ortadoğu Türk Endüstriyel Enerji Kapı ve Otomasyon Sistemleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti”.

We are currently a small-sized company, that wants to remain autonomous and independent. The focus of our business is on customer needs. That means, we are dedicated to continuously improve the quality and innovation of our products and simultaneously optimize our organizational structures in order to cope with and even exceed customer’s expectations.

We are dedicated to the continuous strengthening of our products, to improve our competitiveness and strengthen our financial power. Medium-term goal is to extend our market position in Turkey. Our long-term target, on the other hand, is to evolve into a world-renowned quality symbol as well as a brand that provides quick-service to its customers. We are working in a constructive and fair atmosphere with our suppliers and customers. Our target is to get experienced through them and be the best of market.  Being able to satisfy needs of our customers and partners, on its own, will enable us to achieve getting the position we are striving for on a long-term.   We are working on combining tradition and innovation, and trying to find solutions setting trends for contemporary and functional designs by ensuring ecological consciousness.  High-performance features in our products are reflected on quality and speed of our services.  We are emphasising individual responsibility for our employees. We are continuously conducting performance evaluations for our employees on the base of mutual dialogue.  We are aiming at creating, in a short period of time, an environment which supports creativity. The status and responsibility degrees of employees are determined according to their contribution to customer satisfaction, added value and company’s achievements. 

Innovations of future and continuous system enhancements are the most important parts of Ortek’s corporate philosophy. Thanks to its innovative solutions and creative technology, Ortek continuously sets new performance features in manufacturing of doors and door systems. Areas such as fire-safety, smoke protection, sound insulation, safety and heat insulation can be given as examples. Ortek’s special doors and door systems offer usage values that even meet most extreme demands in terms of state-of-the-art technology, design and quality. Utilization of top-quality materials, qualified workmanship and continuous quality controls are factors that guarantee first class safety, reliability and stability in our products. These are the factors that turn every Ortek product into a valuable investment.